Emergency Preparedness


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Receive Alerts

Sign up to receive campus alerts. In the event of a campus-wide emergency, you’ll receive a text message with information about the emergency and actions to take.

Alert Systems

during an emergency, campbell university may distribute information to the campus community via:

Audio: P.A. system notifications in select buildings, tornado siren from the Buies Creek fire station

Web: This website at www.nzyz589.cn/alerts

E-mail: Blast e-mail to “@nzyz589.cn” accounts

Text/voice messages: Text alerts will be sent to any persons who registers  through Campbell U Connect. |

Social media: 不怕长龙不怕跳123法Alerts will be posted on Campbell University’s and feeds

Campus emergency hotline:不怕长龙不怕跳123法 (800) 334-4111, ext. 5700

TV: Campbell channel 18

People: Resident assistants and area coordinators

Emergency Terms

Shelter in Place: Take immediate shelter with few doors and windows.  Remain until the danger has passed.  Tornado or other severe weather, nuclear alert, or hazardous materials spill.

Campus Lockdown: Remain in your classrooms or residence halls until law enforcement alerts that it is safe to move about the campus. 

Seek Secure Shelter: Get into a lockable space, like an office or classroom, and remain there. Lock and barricade doors, turn off lights, and turn cell phones to silent or vibrate mode. Get under a desk or other surface to hide. Wait for further instruction from law enforcement. If the threat is in your building and you can safely flee, then do so. Examples: Active shooter or dangerous person immediately threatening the campus.

Evacuate:  Immediately leave the building that you are in, exiting through the nearest and safest exit. If the fire alarm has not been activated, do so. Examples: Fire, smoke.

Avoid Area, Warn Others: In these types of incidents, the emergency is localized on campus. University officials do not want anyone near the area and want you to alert others of the emergency. Examples: Hazardous materials spill, flooded roads, aircraft accident, bomb threat, civil disturbance, fire, gas leak, or power lines down.